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Our Story and Our Purpose

Welcome to Our Family and Our Purpose

Hello. I am Melinda and I have two adorable, handsome boys, Louis and Abraham. I adopted Louis and Abraham from Chinese orphanages in Wuhan (the capital of the Hubei Province) at the ages of 2 and 2 1/2 years old respectively. Louis is now 9 years old and Abraham is 8 years old.

Both Louis and Abraham had microtia / atresia on both ears. The boys had no ear openings on either side and they had no ears but rather deformed nubs where ears should be. They relied on a BAHA which takes sound and vibrates the skull which then vibrates the inner ear (to describe it simply). This allowed them to socialize and learn - we are very thankful for their BAHAs (Louis wears a Cochlear brand BAHA and Abraham wore an Oticon brand BAHA).

As they transitioned from the Chinese orphanage to life here in America they had a sign interpreter at pre-school. Donni along with our entire family learned and taught the boys sign language. We actually began basic sign language to begin communicating before we even left China. Sign language was our first form of "talking" with Louis and Abraham. Then we progressed to BAHAs after much fighting with the insurance companies over the years. Louis had his first BAHA replaced after 5 years when the first one that finally gave out.  Insurance did not cover any of Abraham's cost. We were able to get Louis' partially covered. The hearing devices were nothing less than life altering for the boys.

Dr. Roberson and Dr. Tahiri are world renowned and this medical group has helped thousands of children from around the world to hear. They have performed more than 1500 surgeries on children and patients from 43 different countries. You can visit their website at

I am a single Mom. I started my own business in plastics industry 3 years ago allowing me the freedom of a flexible schedule to be with Louis and Abraham immediately after school for tons of homework to keep them progressing in school as well as have flexibility to travel for the surgeries and be at home to help them heal.

As any compassionate parent desires, I vowed to not only give love to Abraham and Louis but to do everything possible under the sun to give them hearing.   I know first hand the difficulty of not having insurance cover the expenses of helping a child to hear.

With my experiences and passion to make a difference I am establishing this not-for-profit to assist other children with hearing aid and surgery expenses.  We will be established soon.



Noise For Boys

Every $1 is so greatly appreciated! Please help give the gift of hearing.

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