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Help raise money for Louis & Abraham, two
Chinese boys born without ears.


Meet Louis & Abraham

Adopted from Chinese orphanages in Wuhan, both Louis and Abraham suffer from microtia / atresia on both ears. This means they were born without ear openings and subsequently, the ability to hear. 

They currently rely on a BAHA - a device which takes sound and vibrates the skull which then vibrates the inner ear. This has allowed them to socialize and learn in school much better than they would have otherwise.

Both Are Scheduled for Their First Surgeries This Year

Louis and Abraham are scheduled for their first surgeries to drill through the bone then form ear canals and to then form ears March 19 (Louis) and March 20th (Abraham). The procedure will be done with Dr. Roberson at the California Ear Institute (The International Center for Atresia Microtia Repair). The surgeries for one side/one ear are 10 hours long each and require the boys to stay in California for a month for post-op visits.

As you can imagine, there are going to be significant costs both for travel and for the surgeries themselves.  

Meet Their Dedicated Mom

Hello! I am Mindy and I have two adorable, handsome boys, Louis and Abraham.  I am a single Mom. I started my own business in plastics 2 years ago allowing me the freedom of a flexible schedule to be with Louis and Abraham immediately after school for tons of homework to keep them progressing in school as well as have the flexibility to travel for these surgeries.

As any compassionate parent desires, I vowed to not only give love to Abraham and Louis but to do everything possible under the sun to give them hearing. I have followed Dr. Reinisch's group for many years, watched many seminars, and will make it happen for them this year.

I am raising monies for this first set of surgeries in March 2018 with this fundraiser. Each ear and canal costs $85,000 each. One for Louis and Abraham for a total of $340,000 for the two to have 2 ears. $20,000 is due to hold all 4 surgery dates and operation rooms ($5,000 each March 19, 20th, September 17th and 18th). 3 weeks prior to the surgeries the remaining fees are due.



Per ear canal,
per boy


To hold surgery dates for the procedures


Total for the procedures
for both boys

Louis & Abraham Need Your Help

Every $1 is so greatly appreciated! Please help give the gift of hearing to these two deserving boys. Let's show them how amazing the world can sound. 

If you are donating a large sum and prefer to donate directly to the surgery center you can call the surgery center and make payments to Global Hearing, Inc. Marcelena can be reached at 650-462-3109. They accept credit card payments via phone. Please reference Abraham & Louis co Mindy Grooms by name. 

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Learn More About Microtia / Atresia

Dr. Roberson and his procedures developed originally by Dr. Reinisch are world renowned and this medical group has helped thousands of children from around the world to hear. They have performed more than 1500 surgeries on children and patients from 43 different countries. You can visit their websites to learn more at: